1h VPS Administration


The Administration of a VPS (Virtual Private Sewer) server configured for websites and stores using the WordPress / WooCommerce / PrestaShop / Magento / Odoo engine, we focus on the following features:

  • Operating System updates
  • Configuration of updated components
  • Correction of existing configuration
  • Backup implementation for WordPress / WooCommerce / PrestaShop / Magento / Odoo
  • System optimization
  • Security verification

The Administration of VPS (Virtual Private Sewer) server support includes.

Support specification:

  • System upgrade (Debian system patching)
  • Configuration of updated components (Apache, PHP, MySQL / PostgreSQL)
  • Correction of existing configuration (Apache, PHP, MySQL / PostgreSQL)
  • Backup implementation for WordPress (CRON)
  • System optimization (Virtual memory: SWAP, cache: REDIS)
  • Security verification (Firewall system)
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